About Historic Times and its Staff

Historic Times started as a small section in the weekly print edition of the Omaha Liberty Herald, entitled “This Week in History”. In the summer of 2017 Omaha Strategist, Dale Abramson performed an opportunities assessment for us. He pointed out that we could expand the very popular section into a second newspaper, using our already well-established and well-received style.

We first went to print on August 12th 2017 with our primary article being the sinking of the Madagascar. The Madagascar was a ship full of gold that sailed away on August 12th 1853, never to be seen again. While the new paper was well-received, we quickly learned we had a lot more to do if we were going to successfully fill another daily newspaper.

Our biggest hurdle was that we couldn’t simply grab story ideas from the “this day in history” sites, as most, we found to be horribly inaccurate. Not wanting to give-up on the endeavor, we suspended publishing and tasked a couple of our top researchers to create our own calendar of historic happenings. They had to come up with a minimum of five history worthy headlines for each of the eight sections, for every publishing day in 2018. They were successful.

On January 9th 2018 we will be relaunching the completely free publication at Historic Times (.net). The printed edition will be available everywhere Omaha Liberty Herald is distributed. Anyone can sign up for a free e-subscription to the newspaper, browse Historic Times (.net) or simply follow us on Facebook.

We have history inspired puzzles every week and in the coming summer we plan on adding a comics section, using the creator of Omaha Liberty Herald’s “Arbitrary” comics.

Our eight sections are sure to have something of interest to everyone. They are General News, Political News, Global News, Business, Science, Sports, Entertainment and Obituaries.


Our Fearless Leader…

Editor In Chief Historic Times and Omaha Liberty Herald - James B. Medlock Sr. - ProprietorJames B. Medlock is the Editor in Chief of not only Historic Times, but also our parent paper, the Omaha Liberty Herald (OmahaPolitics.com).

Born and Raised in Omaha, Nebraska; Mr. Medlock spent most of is his adult life in the transportation industry. In 2008 after running for Mayor of Omaha, and with the recession not providing a whole lot in the way of options, Mr. Medlock started a newspaper. The Omaha Liberty Herald was/is a political newspaper, that strived not only to provide accurate data, but to deliver political new without persuasion.

In 2017 after a bumpy, but albeit successful run with the Omaha Liberty Herald, Mr. Medlock decided to expand his publishing business, and Historic Times was born.

The Omaha Strategist…

Dale E. Abramson A.K.A. The Omaha Strategist. Owner of Universal Experts Consulting Firm 1999-2017 Current Operations Manager Historic Times Omaha, Nebraska

Dale Abramson, A.K.A. the Omaha Strategist, is our project manager. While we strive to build quality content and research every article to a degree outsiders rarely believe; Dale is the one who’s responsible for ensuring our efforts aren’t in vain.

Dale Abramson has been a professional business strategist for the past 19 years, serving more than 500 businesses in 16 states and 5 countries. When he closed his consulting firm last year to “try something different”, the boss, a long-time friend, convinced him to join our team.

Dale is responsible for the company’s overall strategy. And while I’m not 100% sure I know what that means, I’m assured that it is important.

The Office Manager…

Diane Goshinska office manager at Historic Times Omaha, Nebraska

Diane Goshinska is our Office Manager and probably the only one here who can tell you what’s going on with any given thing, at any given moment. Aside from running all of our schedules, opening our offices every morning, and dealing with all of our vendors; she’s the one that makes sure we all get paid. Not only does she handle the billing and reporting with all of our advertisers, but she also runs our payroll.